Wednesday, 3 March 2010


I am something of a nostalgic person, not for my own childhood but for times past. If I have a choice between something that is brand new or something second hand or "vintage" it is usually the latter that I will go for.

I love reading second hand books, especially old penguin classics. I saw this link on The Persephone Post, the blog written by the Persephone Books team. Persephone books are pretty much the only books I buy new, and a trip to the shop to buy one is a whole outing in itself. The blog is rather lovely as it posts one image per day which offers a 5 minute pick-me-up where I can switch off from work with a cup of coffee in the morning.

I am trying not to look at my own Penguin Classics to see what numbers I have. I do have a couple of early editions but most of mine date from the 1950s. I think as soon as I look I will become obsessed with finding and collectin old editions...

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